Thursday, June 14, 2007

Visit to the JFK museum

Let me first say I hate Dallas traffic. I hate driving it, I hate riding in any vehicle that is in it. For me, it's a white-knuckle ride until we get to our destination.

After a hearty breakfast the IHOP, we went to the JFK museum off Dealey Plaza (first photo). It was a very informative and thought-provoking experience. The museum is located on the sixth floor of the book depository--the same floor Oswald positioned himself and hot at the president. They actually had the window and book storage boxes, which were positioned exactly the way the pictures depicted on that fateful day, plexiglassed off so it could not be disturbed. It had the complete history of Kennedy from childhood until his death. It detailed the social highlights of the time including the public reaction to the young president and the ground-breaking steps he was taking in dealing with Russia and communism. A part of the Berlin wall was included in the exhibit, cameras and pictures from various people taken during the assassination, a scaled miniature model to determine the angle and position of the shooters, computer enhanced photos from that time showing unidentified shadowy forms in the legendary grassy knoll, even the conflicting information which further stirred the already murky waters of possible suspects.

On the floor above the JFK museum, the Dallas police has an exhibit relating the assassination from their point of view. It includes the actual door of the interrogation room Oswald was taken to, transcripts from officers who were looking for suspects immediately after the shooting, information about the officer Oswald shot after he ran from the scene, and personal thoughts and reactions of officers on the scene.

After the museum, we took a walk on the grassy knoll. It wasn't until I looked at another picture did I discovered I was standing in the exact spot an unidentified figure dressed in black was standing when the president was fatally shot. I thought that was just a little bit freaky.

We also walked behind the Dallas Courthouse to see the JFK memorial that was erected (second photo). It was huge! It was simply an open structure with no roof, but the proportions were amazing.

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