Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dallas World Aquarium

After our trip to see the JFK museum and memorial, we strolled down to the Dallas World Aquarium. I have to say I was surprised to learn of an aquarium in the middle of a big city. Seems just a tad bit unusual. lol

It was actually very good although rather pricey considering there is five of us. When you walk in, you go up a ramp and, BAM, you're in the middle of a rainforest complete with a beautiful waterfall. You see brightly colored birds, mischievous monkeys who like to drive photographers crazy, crocodiles, spiders, bats, penguins, ocelot, ect.

Despite all the wonderful animals on exhibit, the family favorite has to be the manatees. They are amazing! The aquarium acquired them after the manatees were accidently caught in fishing lines in Venezuela and their mothers could not be found. One of the manatees is a ham. He likes to play by the big underground window. He scratches his back on a rock, swim up and down and back and forth by the window. The kids had a wonderful time watching him and pressing their little faces and hands on the window as he swam by.

When I get the time, I'll post a couple of pictures to share with you.

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