Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Movie Time

Well, it's that time of the year when all the good movies hit the theaters. I can't complain. I'd rather watch a movie in a nice, air-conditioned building than sweat out every bit of water in my body in 100 degree heat.

The Hulk--Much better than the last one. It had some surprise cameos in it that made you chuckle. This time around, the Hulk is more humanized than made out to be a big destructive monster. I liked that. Of course, if General Ross would get off his butt, Bruce wouldn't have to change into Hulk, right? You think if the guy was smart enough to become a general, he would be smart enough to realize Hulk will always be able to kick his hiney.

Iron Man--Robert Downey Jr. was excellent as Tony Stark. Good movie, too. Lots of action although parts of it could be a bit slow for kids. Donovan loved it. He said he would definitely go see it again. From what I saw of the few Iron Man cartoons, it stayed true to form.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull--I was very hyped about going to see this movie. I have to admit, I walked away a little disappointed about it. I didn't really consider the storyline a Indiana Jones type story. I thought they should have stayed with the Nazis and Hitler being the main adversaries since there has been a sort of "relationship" between Indiana and Hitler from the beginning of the movies. I also didn't like where the crystal skull came from. To me, it was a little "out-there" even for Indiana Jones. (I'm trying not to ruin the movie if you haven't seen it.) I definitely didn't like the end because it changed the whole persona of Indiana Jones. I also found in this episode, that Indiana didn't explain anything. In all the other movies, he explained to his sidekicks why something happened or what things were. In this one, that didn't occur so sometimes you were left wondering, "What the...?"

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